DIS-CONNECTED is a interdisciplinary experience using movement, physical theatre, aesthetics and visual arts referencing the classical text of Ovid, Metamorphoses and the Minotaur story..

The piece emerges from my personal journey to freedom from a religious cult, the first-hand experience of emotional leftover walls (the resistance to connections in its various form) and psychological detachment due to emotional and mental pain of intense past experiences.

It also tells a story of the overcoming of internal resistance to experiencing true feelings about the present and past which have been warded off because they are either too frightening or too painful.

DIS-CONNECTED questions us on the notion and dynamics of monster/hero/victim, spinning it upside down and inside out. It wanders in our childhood response to trauma, building of emotional defences, the hardship of choosing your identity in face of rejection and the ostracism that comes from it.

It also explores some of the principles of the modern therapy techniques developed by Habib Davanloo in the 1960ies ISTDP (intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy) that specifically deals with these emotional resistance.

DIS-CONNECTED gives the Minotaur a chance to speak, what would they say?

This show has been performed at the Scottish Mental Health Festival in 2018; Edinburgh Fringe (2018); Midsumma - the Butterfly Club (2019); The Bowery Theatre (Melbourne) 2019 + exhibition.

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