What if giants once roomed around, proud and tall?

What if their lack of vulnerability made them extinct?

What if we could tell their story and discover our similarities?

What if one of the giants started questioning themselves?

What if we are the giants?

This visual theatre piece explores the themes of vulnerability and exposes our fears.

Inspired by Plato - Allegory of the Cave, the work dwells on that same world of make believe, where the shadows are actually truths that we are afraid to look at.

It uses a revisited shadow theatre as main medium (the audience is invited to view the performance from both sides of the "screen") and a minimum text story telling.

First Research and Development of this piece took part at a residency at Custom House, during the "Leith Festival 2018" (Edinburgh), the residency included a workshop in which the participants with the use of self made masks and shadow projecting explored their own fears and vulnerabilities.

Invited to perform the first version of this piece during "Colour of Edinburgh 2018" a multidisciplinary exhibition.

I would like to dedicate another residency to explore further the invite for the audience to be part of the soul searching journey as one of the questioning giant.