beige bunched dried flowers

I am an artist and apostate (ex jehovah's witness).

I now dedicate my life to the pursuit of aesthetics, queer activism and occult.


With experience in creative direction, design and movement based performance my practice converges the darkness of the human experience together with the ephemeral and joyful paradigms of life.


With a keen interest in occult, alchemy and transcendence; I work with the unsightly, the forgotten and the repelled. The hidden pleats of our own psyches and history. A living manifesto of memento-mori.

With a background in the study of æsthetics and visual arts, my work is as considered in its appearance as in its meaning. I always try to create concepts that can be assimilated with and  resonate from, all the different senses.

I work to defy the boundaries of art; which is not a decorative indulgence, rather a tool to shape communities and discover truths. I want to transcend them out of their limitations and self-imposed filters to remind them to connect with  the raw, unprocessed and organic that resides in us all.