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I am an interdisciplinary performance artist, who, in the last three years of my career, has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe on two occasions, at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and at the Midsumma Festival (Melbourne). I currently find myself involved in creative work that is highly engaged with and influenced by the queer community and its current advocacy.

My professional career in performing began in 2016 with a burlesque show that kicked off my creative engine towards creating material that isn't just entertaining but that challenges social rules and stereotypes.

Being chosen for DEBS 2017 (Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme) mentored by physical theatre director and theatre maker Al Seed. [You can read my interview here], helped me widen my performance horizons to include text and theatre in my work. Expanding my performing universe beyond burlesque and towards a multi-cross performance art.

My multi-disciplinary practice takes inspiration from my experiential, lived reality and my labyrinthine imaginary realm. I like to converge the harshness of the human experience together with the more cerebral ephemeral paradigms of my life. I talk about the unsightly, the forgotten, the repellent, what we hide in the pleats of our own psyches, which  also holds an alluring identity that deserves to be celebrated or at least explored if we really want to move further into society as fully developed and understood humans. I liken it to the grappling art of memento-mori.

With a background in visual art and aesthetics, my work is as considered in its appearance as it is complex in its meanings and I always try to create concepts that can be assimilated with, and  resonate from, all the different senses. I like to create immersive and, often confronting experiences for the viewer, to embody them in the performance rather than just distraction them temporarily from their lives.

My art practice is a systemic interdisciplinary journey , defying the boundaries of theatre or performance art or visual art, rather I am creating a hybridised sensory experience whereby the audience is as much a part of the performance as they are a witness to it. Art, for me, is not just a decorative indulgence. Rather, I see it as  a way to shape communities, make political statements in a protected environment and fight for the social rights of all humanity. Given this, I focus on delivering a profundity of some sort in all my projects and acts, in the hope of helping move my audiences towards becoming wiser more sentient people. I want to transcend them out of their limitations and self-imposed filters to remind them to connect with  the raw, unprocessed and organic that resides in us all.


I am always keen to collaborate, so drop me a message here (Let’s link!) or contact me on my Facebook page or Instagram!