Hypnagogia is the place in-between awake and sleep.
Hypnagogia is the void that becomes alive.
Hypnagogia is the night before the nightmare.

This live art/visual theatre experience adventures in those "in-between" places in life, dark corners and voids we are very much afraid of; will we ever be able to reconcile with what hides in the dark? Are those screaming voices there to scare us or asking for help?

What happens when the bridge between yin and yang opens?

Sci-FY, surrealist, awkward and confusing, Hypnagogia is a collaboration with live sound artist Mars Pacis, has been performed as part of Midsumma Festival at Theatre Works as part of #QueerQuickies and at Siteworks Arts, Brunswick (Melbourne).
Using mediums such movement (with practice in Butoh and Feldenkrais method), sound art, drawing aesthetic inspirations from paintings by Francis Bacon and the humanistic work of Carl Jung, together with the ancient practice of dream incubation.