Are we really on a journey?

“All sorrows are less with bread.” -Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

Hi peeps! Hope your weekend went blissful and charged up with serendipitous events! My Monday was an extension of the weekend, as I met with a truly inspiring individual, that I keep dear. (Look at her fabulous life stories journal here: We had a very fulfilling chat, and when I left I had to thank her cause I felt very satisfied and full (maybe due the huge #cake I had too LOL! #sorrynotsorry). We went deep on various subjects, and I love her approach to life, gentle but still fierce! This all catch-up moment, gave me few point to ponder and think about. Hence the question, are we really on a journey? I remember when I was studying Physics, my teacher once said: if a car travels around miles and ends up in the same place it started the journey from, it actually never moved. I wonder if that is true with life too. We are soooooo packed up in our little boxes of prefabricated happiness, that no matter how much we travel and experience, if you end up in the same place, well, then you actually never moved. I always loved the idea of #metamorphosis, renewing, starting fresh and recently the approach to changes really had a big impact on me (maybe due to #Art-Therapy, maybe due to the recent events), I can’t say that I ever moved if that travel never affected me. This could be literal, when visiting a place, or allegorical when life throws you stuff that you need to juggle with. I personally think that the only way to approach #life is being ready to change with it. Seasons change, animals leave their fur behind, but no, humans need to love the same ice-cream flavour all their life, otherwise someone might argue: “Oh Andy, I thought you liked chocolate !?“, well you know what? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. People who are stuck in their #happy #bubbles of stubborn refractory lives, that they never change cause Godknowswhat’sgoingtohappen! I am pretty sure are missing out something. Even if they fluff around, and move their tails, they actually never move. As long as the cling to what they absolutely think is right, without even slightly questioning it, well, it’s like that car, going back to the same exact spot. Never moved. Maybe I waste my time, maybe I will never feel the safe environment of an immutable situation, but I can tell you for sure that the grass IS actually greener and softer, and I am pretty sure the next one would be even better. It is scarier to look at your self in the mirror and be like: “Oh Hello stranger, what you doing here”, but then you learn to love this new person, and so on, the next time too. Maybe we are not on a #journey, maybe we are just self-taught gardeners. Just be kind, but always fierce, just like Kseniya.

With love

, Andy

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