How to survive human evolution

“We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.” – Son of Baldwin

Hello, gorgeous human beings!

I apologise if I didn’t write anything the last week, but I have been into a deep emotional turmoil that left me with little energy. Now I’m back on track, feeling stronger than ever. Last Tuesday I wanted to talk about a discovery, one of those treasures that you find while looking for something else, or actually when you don’t know what you looking for. Somehow I am drawn to butterflies, maybe as a symbol of rebirth, and facing difficulties in life. Therefore while at the bookstore I glazed on The Beautiful Butterflies of North America a “lost-manuscript” that has been recently found, nearly a century after its compilation, in an archive of a national library. It compiles a work of over 50 years on classifying these wonderful animals; the author: Titian Peale spent pretty much all his life on this project, other than being a beautiful compilation of meticulous drawing and watercolors, enriched by discovery and analysis of the ephemeral life of these creatures, this book got me thinking (I know, sometimes it happens!) an artist dedicated all his life (hopefully he did other things too) to this. I can’t even commit to a favourite ice-cream! Then I realised that life is about to experiences and nourish what makes you thrive. Like water for a fish, or air for a bird. Long are the days of evolution, where our basic role in the world was to reproduce and full-stop. I personally think (don’t quote me on this) that we have outgrown the basic principle of evolution, now we are finally embracing our existence, which is not just merely getting a somehow copy of our genome, but rather find a space on this planet based on our ideas, social attributions, creativity. This place could be physical, a country where we feel more “adapted” to, or emotional (a social cause, an ideal, a hope), and we spend all our life on it. Like Titian Peale did, we find our corner and we thrive in it, somehow, though, this corner activates the old basic instinct of evolution, where I need mine to survive, rather than yours. Therefore we have wars, and moral battles, cause we feel that our ideals and opinions are threatened. I am a promoter of free will, you can do whatever you want, as long as that doesn’t hurt my freedom or abuse my rights. That’s why I think the “old morals” are old for a reason, and we just need to get over them. The fact that someone is trans, gay, a single mother, gipsy, Muslim, blonde, ginger, fat or slim or whatever the f*ck u want, it’s not GOING TO KILL YOU, it is not a threat to your life, or to your genome, so just get along with it. If it is a threat to your or some else’s life, then yes, we have an issue, and yes we might need to discuss options. I have faith in the human, I have seen how much we have grown and learnt from history (hey, we are not throwing rubbish out the windows anymore) and yes, we have lots to learn but I believe we are on the right track. I know, I know, with all the shit that’s happening in America, North Korea and Russia, and possibly soon France, you might say: “Andy, goodness me, what the heck you talking about? We are going backwards!”. We aren’t, these are symptoms of part of a human society that had their evolutionary instinct messing up with their ideas, and they are desperately trying to catch back, trying to hold, trying to keep tangled and restrain what they are seeing that is wiggling away. The last shot, to close eyes and hope that everyone will want your corner. Guess what, we don’t!

Don’t be a bully, evolve, accept and support, and spend your life doing something beautiful, like compiling a manuscript on butterflies, rather than judging me from your crystal tower.

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