How to waste your time efficiently

Hey pops, hope you are doing better than me! It’s definetely true what they say, once you hit 28 your body starts to rotten! I’m nearly 30, WTF! (I was 5 yesterday!) I feel like I’m 12, still trying to figure out the sh*t out of my life and here my body decides to give me a taster of years to come, a nice horror trailer. I had a cold for the last 37 Jurassic ages and every week a new muscle of my body gets strained. Honestly, get done with me now! Anyways, apart from my usual complaints today I wanted to get away from my usual “sitdownandlistentomyshit” post and move to something more entertaining. As part of my research for my next piece, I’ve been digging the internet for good documentaries and movies, and there’s one I’ve seen last Saturday that its still running around in the empty spaces of my skull! Its called “In the Crosswind” or “Risttuules”, a beautiful piece of visual art, that takes place in Estonia during the Siberian post 1940ies Russian deportation of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and other ethnic minorities. Those people were condemned to hard labour work in awful condition, parallel to a concentration camp. The story follows Erna, her husband and their daughter, towards a journey of desperation, suffering and liberation. So, far you might say “Oh well, clique heart breaker war stories”, correct, it would have been exactly that if they didn’t decide to use tableau vivant as main medium of storytelling. Trust me, the trailer just below doesn’t give justice to the amazing visuals, emotionally charged scenes and beautiful, incredibly beautiful and well thought storytelling. What I liked the most was the incredible effortless in portraying such an heavy subject with almost a worshiping interest. The director of photography did an amazing job in conveying feeling and emotions through breath-taking scenery. I’m not going to say much more as I don’t want to spoiler it to you; so if you have a couple of hours and you find yourself wasting your time refreshing Instagram feeds, or keep seeing “There’s no one around you” on Tinder, please stop… and watch this piece of art.

Have a nice Sunday folks, just keeping this post simple and breezy.

Will soon update you with something else!

Lots of love

, Andy.

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