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“Life itself is the proper binge.” – Julia Child

Happy Friday folks! How does it feel? Being able to be irresponsible for the next 2 days, going to bed ultra late, feeling teenager again! If you are a nearly 30 y.o. boring sloth like me you would probably not even remember it. I recently found out that I don’t suck at Darts, that makes me proud of the little nonexistent sporty masculinity left in my #genderless brain. I remember the old days when I used to have anxiety for not being able to do manly stuff (such as fixing things, and throwing a ball without hitting the head of a walking-by), then last year came and with it the freedom to be whatever I wake up wanting to be, without pretending 24/7 to be something I am not, astronaut one day, boylesque performer the next. Finally stopped pretending (very badly) to be #manly. Anyway, stop digressing, the main focus of this post is celebrating that more and more designers are approaching the unisex or genderless clothing. If I can tell you one thing is that male fashion is boring. BORING AS SITTING FOR TWO HOURS WAITING FOR A DELAYED FLIGHT WITHOUT ANY CHOCOLATE. Same identical stuff, over and over and over and over. They just change colours, hurray!(Have to say that at least H&M has started approaching the issue, and came up with a few interesting pieces lately) Plus if you are poor and can’t afford Balmain, well then you are stuck with your own imagination, and start browsing Pinterest in a manic attack, hoping to find the golden pin where it says: “Congratulations, you can get anything you want for free, just because you are awesome”. In my mad journey to find this imaginary #golden pin, I ended up discovering this innovative spanish designer: Ángel Vilda. – Please check his website! As you browse the website, from the first looks in 2011 to the latest ones (2016 was a great deal) you see something. What I saw was a necessity to express, not sure what yet, but you can feel the near desperation to send a message. Sorry, if I bother you with the 2016 season, but look at this:

This is what I am talking about! Innovative, careless, harmonious in its unusuality  (is this even a word? Don’t read it too many times or it starts sounding like anus-uality which is not what I mean). I would feel totally comfortable in wearing all of this beauties, (rocking the make up too, plus can we talk about the models YAS!). Now the question is: Why this is not mainstream? Is it because people are not feeling comfortable in wearing it? Is it because it’s too edgy? Because men feel the need to constantly prove their “#masculinity”? Why should be the way that someone appears, a way to judge the inside? We need to crazily move on.

Let’s also not forget all these religious priests and leaders and associates, and the business suit wearer that look very masculine and they are also paedophiles.

Stop the labels, stop the shame. We are just one #earth.

Don’t hate what you don’t understand“. Love your self, cause there is nothing imperfect in you, not even a single bit, well unless you are an abuser of any sorts, in that case you might have some work to fix that.

With love

, Andy

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