Saturnalis and Jano

Dear all,

I would like to start thanking you for all the support, on and off the web. I owe you lots, and I couldn't be where I am now without the strength I gain from you. So thank you.

I met so many people this year that literally improved my life, and help me in the fight to carry on being who I am despite it all.

For those of you who follow me on the various social media, have learnt about my recent endeavors. Such as dealing with blood related people, that society would call family, that carry on being aggressive, disrespectful and manipulative. I try to never use this place as a way to get back to them, but since I know they monitor it I want to make something clear:

You do not come for the people around me, telling me they are all fake and that they don't understand me the way you do. You do not understand, your voice is tiring, your broken disk and your ways of always telling me I'm in the wrong, that I should reconsider, that I made a mistake clearly prove something, you can't see me, you don't see the happiness and satisfaction I have, I just wish you could, makes life easier to be able to rejoice of others rather than constantly putting them down. Until the day you can't move on about my sexuality, my identity, the way I am and truly embrace me, accept me and be on my side, well no, I don't have space for you in my life. It's not opinions over tea or coffee, is matter of life and death, and I choose life, a beautiful life full of truth and honesty and without any twisted words and half truths. I gave you opportunities, time, now I'm at a point where if you wanna dance you gotta learn how to. It's on you, you either learn or stay where you are.

Moving forward, I had the incredible privilege to tell my story here: Where love is Illegal

A platform for queer people to tell their story of being who they are in place they aren't allowed so. I kid you not, the support I received, the amount of messages just blew me away. Some even contacted me personally as they are in a very similar position, and thinking that it might help someone live their truth, avoid suicide, oh boy I'm crying.

What's in store next?

Well, as mentioned in my previous post, DIS-CONNECTED is happening, and I CAN'T WAIT. I'm so excited to be performing it, little odd emergent artist me, is so proud of having this show here in Melbourne, so yeah, get your tickets babies!

I've also costume designed (20 costumes, the amount of sewing, dear dear me) my very first play, Romeo and Juliet by GJ Productions.

There will be big things coming up too, my first ever 2 months exhibition which I can't give many details yet eheh, and a collaboration piece with a wonderful DJ.

2018 has been kind, fierce, sad and wonderful. Living life isn't easy, living life isn't easy at all but we all struggle we all try our best to take the most out of our human experience. I choose adventure, kindness, success, commitment, truth and identity, what about you?

May your year be as you imagine it, with whole heart I hope you'll reach anything you desire to.

With love,

Andy đź’™

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