#Stockbridge Adventures

Hey guys, happy Saturday! Since I’ve moved to this gorgeous part of #Edinburgh I actually never spent much time getting to know my neighborhood, which is a pity considering #Stockbridge is one of the most visited area of the city and also has the highest grossing charity shops in whole UK (Wikipedia says so). Therefore after spending some days recovering from a nasty tonsillitis, I’ve come up with a plan, reviewing at least once a week a place in #Stockbridge, as actually little is known and there are plenty of hidden gems in this middle-class galore.

As I sometimes do, I spend #Fridays by my self, reading a book, contemplating how f*cked up life is etc etc, then while watching an episode of “I am Jazz” I decided to grab a book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” -an enlightening book for those who like me have little knowledge about evolution, and want to know more in a very explanatory and satisfying way- and head out. I was recently speaking with a friend about a new bar that opened up in Stockbridge, called the “Good Brothers” were they serve organic and bio dynamic wines, married to tasty food. Being not more than 200 steps away and known for my incredible lazyness at times, the choice was a no brainer.

Good Brothers Review: 4.5/6 As soon as I walked in, I directed my self to the window seat, comfy, isolated and pretty enough to look like a cool kid sitting there.

I get welcomed by a lovely smile, that brings me the menu and gives me some space to decide. As my usual, my decision-making skills are terrible, so when the waitress comes back I was still trying to decipher the writings on that A6 piece of white paper. I tell her about the article that I read regarding the place and the fancy wine they serves, she suggests me to talk with the owner: a friendly guy that comes over and help me making a choice (which it basically consisted in me nodding, quickly reading the menu again and pointing at something with a smile and confidence of someone that knows what he’s doing). I proceed ordering an “estate sauvignon“, de martino (sauvignon blanc, casablanca, chile). Tasty, nutty flavour and I could definitely taste the organic side of it, it seemed less tampered and more palatable -but what do I know, I’m not a somelier!-. What I have to say is, that they really look after they clients, not sure if they were scared of me leaving the table without paying the bill, or if it was sincere interest but they came to my seat roughly a dozen of times.

On their defense I was really taking my time in doing anything, but well, it was Friday night! I ordered a courgette #risotto some 20 pages after (yep, I was reading in the bar! Fancy huh?), which it was a bit salty for my taste and even if risotto has to be hard on the palate I still wonder if it was a bit under-cooked, but I enjoyed it anyways. I finished by ordering another glass of wine, an “anjou blanc“, pithon-paille (chenin blanc, loire, France). A very rich in flavour and fruity undertones, a lovely wine for sure! I have to say that Good Brothers is a great place, where I will totally go back; the clientele is interesting too, middle-class white privileged men and women attempting their social affirmation, talking about potentially useless things. The music tho, nope, that was the only downside, the music was totally out of place, kinda r&b – rap, that didn’t suit the vibe at all, but at the end, I was the miserable one by my self, usually people don’t even listen to music in bars, or do they?

PRO: Great Wine Great Prices Friendly Staff Fancy Crowd (if you are into people watching)

CONS: Music The Stool was rather uncomfortable if I gotta be picky – LOL

Thanks for reading, Lots of 💙


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