Three steps away.

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Chapter I – Three steps away. I was there over the edge of the darkness, waves of sound over and over repeating their chanting. Fuzzy feeling in my toes as gently cuddled by the chills of the waters. I was there looking in the distance, lights above the night, below the sky and at the horizon. Waiting for something to happen, waiting for life to take over and fly me somewhere, a smile could have been seen if the blackness wouldn’t have taken over. I wasn’t happy, rather fulfilled, like after eating a warm apple pie, somehow vintage, somehow memory, somehow real. In my mind unapologetic dancing even though no one was there watching me. Slightly scared by the tide slowly rising, or maybe not? What if I get wet now? What if the water gets me? The only thing I could think of was not getting my coat wet, the coat you gave me before you left me like a dream at sunrise. You told it was for the best, for both of us, yet us is not us but me and you now. They say that if you stare into a mirror in darkness you can see faces, the water though is too far but I swear I can see your face everywhere. You put a spell on me, and it’s not just our favorite song, rather a biography. My hand feels empty now that I can’t hold yours, I’ll be strong, I’ll be facing the new, I promised. Searching for the missing piece of the puzzle, that is gone, gone somewhere that can’t be found, I’ll be framing the picture anyway and look at it while standing three steps away, remembering. Glitter over my eyes, slowly, quietly, constantly. My back to the stage, carefully stepping on those stones to avoid the fall. Figures getting closer, I nod, they nod, we cross. You would have said “Hi!” but I’m not you, we are not us anymore. I wish for one more day, nothing else, I call upon the starry night, the music in the air, summon the element, boil my blood. I wish for one more day. Then a wind blows in my hair, and I swear I can feel your perfume. I turn and I see you there, standing, smiling and glazing at me with your hazel eyes of melancholy and love. The darkness around me and you, us. Is this a dream? Am I mad? Three steps away. I can see you, can you see me?

So this happened, not sure what it will turn into, but I guess it’s something that just evolved into my head. It feels good to get back into writing some stories.

Lots of love 💙,


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