Transday of Remembrance

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I want to apologise for not updating this blog more often, I have no excuses (#procastinate).

The process of sitting down and writing it's always a bit extenuating for me, I tend to get very emotional and lose track of what I wanted to write originally and end up closing even before finishing. I have to say that I've been thinking about writing an update for a long time now, so hopefully you'll feel a bit less neglected.

I have moved to Australia, Melbourne, a few months back. I needed to move away from Edinburgh for all sorts of reasons, also I wanted to test my own artistic practice and see how it will stand in international waters. I have to admit it has been proven quite hard, but I'm not a quitter, and I do love a good challenge.

Why hard? Well, it's not easy to project yourself in a complete new creative environment without any network and starting from scratch. I'm trying to be wise and resourceful but there's a certain amount of work that it's actually just down to be in the right place at the right time, but I'm trying to be everywhere so that I can hopefully get some chances.

DIS-CONNECTED is premiering at the Butterfly Club on the 16th of January, which I'm really proud and happy for.

I have also started to meet interesting people, but most importantly I'm learning a lot about my self and my own work and PARTICULARLY that I have 0 patience and a damned perfectionist.

So far so good, the weather is getting warmer by the minute (which is incredibly nice, so far) I am getting involved with the queer community here and I can't wait to do more things. My path to advocacy is getting more and more defined.

Speaking about advocacy, today I attended the Transday of Remembrance, which it was very very emotional. It's a day where the lives and identities of those part of trans community that have been killed by acts of violence get commemorated. (I did a blog post about it a while back). I own my very life to the trans community, their existence made me question the cult I was stuck in, their lives made me realise the cruelty of organised religions and those who proclaim to follow them, their struggle gave me the strength to fight my own personal battle towards freedom. I acknowledge their pain as my own, their fight as a similar one that I had to face and that I'm still facing. So thank you, thank you for being who you are, I don't have anything else than promising that I will be fighting for creating a world where we can be who we are, without being branded imperfect or innatural or freaks or human waste. I'll be fighting for a new society where no one will decide who we are, other than ourselves.

Dear reader, take a moment to go through the names that follow, not as a list but as individual lives of people which crime was to just be themselves, that they have been killed for their identity, and these are the only ones we know of, I commemorate all those ones that unfortunately have been lost and erased too.

Carolina/Camila Angulo Paredes Buenos Aires, Argentina 29-Dec-17 shot

Lourdes Reinoso Tucuman, Argentina 14-Jan-18 stabbed

Ynina Puerto Madryn, Argentina 30-Jan-18 Unknown

Adriana Estefanía Bonetto San Jose del Rincon, Argentina 8-Feb-18 stabbed

Cinthia Moreira Villa Alen, Argentina 22-Feb-18 decapitated/dismembered

Sol Gómez Santa Fe, Argentina 7-Mar-18 Unknown

Julia Ponce Buenos Aires, Argentina 23-Jul-18 Unknown

Yanelis Rodríguez Argentina, Argentina 31-Aug-18 Unknown


Sonia Akter Morrelganj, Bangladesh 31-Dec-17 Unknown


L. de Souza Pereira Manaus, Brazil 23-Nov-17 beaten

Unknown Name Uberlândia, Brazil 28-Nov-17 shot

Milena Arapiraca, Brazil 1-Dec-17 stoned

Andressa Xoda Pauladas E Tiros – Salvador, Brazil 3-Dec-17 shot

Eduarda Figueiredo Porto Seguro, Brazil 3-Dec-17 shot

Júlia Volp Florianópolis, Brazil 4-Dec-17 tortured

Jéssica Dimy Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 7-Dec-17 Unknown

Sabrina Uberaba, Brazil 7-Dec-17 Unknown

Luany Aquamarine Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 9-Dec-17 beaten

Luna Shine Viana, Brazil 11-Dec-17 stabbed

Marquete F. C. de Lima Altinho, Brazil 13-Dec-17 shot

Kebeca G. de Souza Gurupi, Brazil 16-Dec-17 shot

Larissa Paiva Sao Paulo, Brazil 17-Dec-17 beaten

Rose João Pessoa, Brazil 17-Dec-17 beaten

Lorrany “Lhoane” Oliveira Santaluz, Brazil 26-Dec-17 tortured

V. O. Silva Uberaba, Brazil 30-Dec-17 tortured

Silvia Gomes Marques Belem, Brazil 1-Jan-18 Unknown

Fany Diniz Belem, Brazil 3-Jan-18 shot

C. Sobral Feira de Santana, Brazil 5-Jan-18 Unknown

Unknown Name Brasília, Brazil 5-Jan-18 stabbed

W. Peixoto Piripiri, Brazil 9-Jan-18 beaten

C. Figueiredo Recife, Brazil 17-Jan-18 stabbed

Carol Alves Tangará da Serra, Brazil 17-Jan-18 shot

Kelly Belém, Brazil 20-Jan-18 shot

Unknown Name Concórdia do Pará, Brazil 20-Jan-18


Júlia de Arruda Várzea Grande, Brazil 21-Jan-18 other

Lohane Governador Newton Bello, Brazil 23-Jan-18 stabbed

Rios Dayane Macklarenn São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil 26-Jan-18 Unknown

Raquel Cosinele Recife, Brazil 27-Jan-18 stoned

Samira de Alcantara Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Brazil 29-Jan-18 stabbed

Natália Ketlyn Campos Altos, Brazil 1-Feb-18 shot

Hemilly Dbx Garanhuns, Brazil 6-Feb-18 stabbed

Anninha Ferreira Rochee Colatina, Brazil 7-Feb-18 decapitated/dismembered

A. da S. Silvério Vitíoria de São Antão, Brazil 8-Feb-18 shot

Lohan Vitoria, Brazil 8-Feb-18 beaten

Milonga F. L. Martins Pacajus, Brazil 9-Feb-18 shot


Uberlândia, Brazil 10-Feb-18 beaten

Nayra Winston Rio Largo, Brazil 10-Feb-18 shot

Unknown Name Fortaleza, Brazil 11-Feb-18 shot

Bruna Belém, Brazil 12-Feb-18 shot

Keila Salvador, Brazil 12-Feb-18 shot

Unknown Name Joao Pessoa, Brazil 12-Feb-18 shot

K. Silva Manaus, Brazil 13-Feb-18 tortured

Pérola Sao Paulo, Brazil 14-Feb-18 shot

Bruna Ferrari Concórdia do Pará, Brazil 15-Feb-18


Laysla Oliveira Ribeirão Preto, Brazil 18-Feb-18 beaten

Amanda Rios João Pessoa, Brazil 19-Feb-18 shot

Eduarda Brasil Araras, Brazil 19-Feb-18 other

Rayana Ribeiro João Pessoa, Brazil 20-Feb-18 Unknown

Bia Rocha Recife, Brazil 23-Feb-18 Unknown

Claudia Oliveira Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 23-Feb-18 shot

Fernanda Caetano Lapa, Brazil 23-Feb-18 Unknown

Kimberlys Ochoa Lara, Venezuela 25-Feb-18 beaten

Fernanda “Pit” Dias São Mateus, Brazil 27-Feb-18 shot

Alessandra da Silva Alves Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1-Mar-18 shot

Shayene Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1-Mar-18 shot

Palola João Pessoa, Brazil 4-Mar-18 shot

Samielly Castro São Paulo, Brazil 4-Mar-18 shot

Pâmela Tabete Craiba, Brazil 8-Mar-18 beaten

Thalita da Silva Barra do Garças, Brazil 13-Mar-18 throat cut

J. Oliveira da Silva Vila Velha, Brazil 16-Mar-18 shot

Unknown Name Ilha do Governador, Brazil 17-Mar-18 decapitated/dismembered

Bruna Gabriel Ananindeua, Brazil 19-Mar-18 shot

N. Naza Ananindeua, Brazil 19-Mar-18 shot

Paola Oliveira Luziânia, Brazil 20-Mar-18 shot

Alanis Burgo Pelotas, Brazil 22-Mar-18 suffocated

Giorginye Dias de Siqueira Aparecida de Goiânia, Brazil 22-Mar-18 shot

Unknown Name São Leopoldo, Brazil 22-Mar-18 shot

Daniela Santos Ibicaraí, Brazil 23-Mar-18 tortured

Cleide Aládio Zaramarine Neto Itaberaí, Brazil 25-Mar-18 beaten

Hilda de Melo Matias Barbalha, Brazil 25-Mar-18 shot

Eduarda Amaro Pelotas, Brazil 29-Mar-18 shot

Elvira Costa Ferreira Maranguape, Brazil 2-Apr-18 shot

Andressa Muda Macaé, Brazil 3-Apr-18 Unknown

Benjamin de Jesus Sousa Teresina, Brazil 6-Apr-18 stabbed

Angra Alessandra Cupertino Feira de Santana, Brazil 7-Apr-18 stabbed

Millany Spencer Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Brazil 14-Apr-18 Beaten and strangled

Nati da Silva Lajeado, Brazil 20-Apr-18 shot

Nycoly Souza Nardoni Bhals Governador Valadares, Brazil 22-Apr-18 shot

Gabriely Fancciny Porto Velho, Brazil 28-Apr-18 stabbed

Matheusx Passarelli Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 29-Apr-18 burned

Raunna Silva Niterói, Brazil 30-Apr-18 shot

Unknown Name Campo Grande, Brazil 30-Apr-18 shot

Bianca Santos Albuquerque Araras, Brazil 30-Apr-18 shot

Paulinha Fortaleza, Brazil 1-May-18 shot

C. Alves Vitória da Conquista, Brazil 8-May-18 shot

Myrella Mhell Pirapora, Brazil 21-May-18 shot

Pandora Santa Rita, Brazil 21-May-18 shot

Beatriz Ribeiro Bacabal, Brazil 25-May-18 stabbed

D.R.C. Jundiaí, Brazil 25-May-18 beaten

I. Silva Itaberaí, Brazil 29-May-18 Unknown

Patrícia Pereira Maracanaú, Brazil 31-May-18 shot

Nayra Matos Maracanaú, Brazil 31-May-18 shot

Britney Vaz Colniza, Brazil 3-Jun-18 shot

Vitória Salvador, Brazil 3-Jun-18 shot

Unknown Name Manaus, Brazil 6-Jun-18 shot

Kamila Roberta Florianópolis, Brazil 7-Jun-18 beaten

Fernanda Reichert São Leopoldo, Brazil 9-Jun-18 stabbed

Tiffanny Montel Boa Vista, Brazil 10-Jun-18 stabbed

Agatha Gomes (Bebê) Belford Roxo, Brazil 19-Jun-18 shot

Thalia Costa Barboza São Borja, Brazil 21-Jun-18 stoned

Nikolly Silva Cabo Frio, Brazil 22-Jun-18 stoned

Gaby Scheifer Ponta Grossa, Brazil 23-Jun-18 run-over by car

Índia da Silva Pellegrine Salvador, Brazil 25-Jun-18 shot

Bruna da Conceição Lagarto, Brazil 25-Jun-18 shot

Carla Croft Pacajus, Brazil 29-Jun-18 shot

Deepa Jalandhar, India 3-Jul-18 stabbed

Mirela Balneário Camboriú, Brazil 4-Jul-18 strangled/hanged

Shirley dos Santos Recife, Brazil 4-Jul-18 shot

Michele Silveira Itaperuna, Brazil 7-Jul-18 shot

Fernanda da Biz Campo Grande, Brazil 8-Jul-18 stabbed

Aisha Albuquerque Curitiba, Brazil 13-Jul-18 beaten

Daniela Cicarelli Gurupi, Brazil 17-Jul-18 shot

Lay Neves de Santana Camaçari, Brazil 17-Jul-18 shot

Unknown Name Itaperuna, Brazil 20-Jul-18 shot

Paola Villefort Nova Serrana, Brazil 23-Jul-18 stabbed

Daiane Souza Porto Alegre, Brazil 26-Jul-18 shot

Gaby Arantes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 28-Jul-18 beaten

Dudu dos Santos Duarte Paraisópolis, Brazil 3-Aug-18 shot

Lalesca Salvador, Brazil 5-Aug-18 throat cut

Paloma Ferreira Fortaleza, Brazil 6-Aug-18 shot

Paolla “LelÍ” Blayton Campos, Brazil 7-Aug-18 shot

Karlla da Silva Balbino Caratinga, Brazil 9-Aug-18 strangled/hanged

T‚nia Lopes Florianópolis, Brazil 10-Aug-18 shot

Renata Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil 12-Aug-18 shot

Krispim Souza de Araujo Mossóro, Brazil 14-Aug-18 shot

D. M. Teixeira Mossóro, Brazil 20-Aug-18 shot

A. L. da Silva Bezerra Mossóro, Brazil 20-Aug-18 shot

Evelin Ferrari Caruaru, Brazil 21-Aug-18 shot

J. F. de Souza Curitiba, Brazil 23-Aug-18 stoned

Sheila dos Santos Buriticupu, Brazil 23-Aug-18 stoned

Paola dos Reis Cuiaba, Brazil 30-Aug-18 stabbed

Rayka Praia Grande, Brazil 30-Aug-18 Unknown

Unknown Name Manaus, Brazil 31-Aug-18 stabbed

Deia Alves Maciel Goiania, Brazil 1-Sep-18 stabbed

Maria Luíza Sao Paulo, Brazil 1-Sep-18 beaten

Rafaela Sena Xique-xique, Brazil 2-Sep-18 shot

Unknown Name Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6-Sep-18 Unknown

Monique Manardi Lee Sao Paulo, Brazil 11-Sep-18 beaten

Abya Passos Mantovanny Cuiaba, Brazil 15-Sep-18 stabbed

Kemily Belem, Brazil 16-Sep-18 shot

J. Oliveira de Araújo Martins, Brazil 24-Sep-18 Unknown

Nicolly Lagarto, Brazil 26-Sep-18 beaten


Veronica Carbajal Pinto La Paz, Bolivia 27-Nov-17 suffocated

Adri Adely Jurado La Paz, Bolivia 13-Jul-18 stabbed


Paloma Santiago, Chile 14-Feb-18 beaten


Marilyn Cipriany Guzmán Medellín, Colombia 30-Dec-17 shot

Chelsy/Cristal Grisales Molina La Virginia, Colombia 24-Jan-18 shot

Silvana Pineda La Dorada, Colombia 27-Jan-18 shot

J. A. Marín Marín Soacha, Colombia 1-Feb-18 stabbed

Tatiana/Tetris/Muelas Bogota, Colombia 10-Feb-18 stabbed

Alexa Amero Sierra Bogota, Colombia 9-Mar-18 stabbed

Lorena Molina López Montenegro, Colombia 25-Mar-18 shot

Alejandra Torres Torres Manizales, Colombia 22-Apr-18 stabbed

Abril Natasha Quiñónez Cali, Colombia 12-Aug-18 shot

Lili Chirinos Carrillo Valledupar, Colombia 18-Aug-18 shot in the head

Unknown Name Cordova, Colombia 31-Aug-18 Unknown

Carol Perez Guerrero Ciudad Bolivar, Colombia 22-Sep-18 shot

Unknown Name

Cochabamba, Colombia 23-Sep-18 beaten

Valeria Sandoval Cali, Colombia 28-Sep-18 asphyxiated

Dominican Republic

Blanca La Vega, Dominican Republic 27-Jan-18 stabbed


Isabel Borja Suárez Quevedo, Ecuador 13-May-18 stabbed

El Salvador

Unknown Name Departamente de la Paz, El Salvador 30-Nov-17 Unknown

Unknown Name Chalchuapa, El Salvador 18-Jan-18 stabbed

Unknown Name Cuscatlan, El Salvador 8-Mar-18 stabbed

D. A. Portillo Jiménez El Salvador, El Salvador 21-Mar-18 stabbed

Geovanny Romero Ortiz Santa Ana, El Salvador 3-Jun-18


Unknown Name Soyopango, El Salvador 31-Aug-18 Unknown


Flávia Luiza Paris, France 27-Dec-17 Unknown

Vanessa Campos Paris, France 17-Aug-18 shot


Lucky Salavuki Suva, Fiji 17-May-18 stoned


E. G. Sarat Xela, Guatamala 27-Nov-17 shot

A. Sis Salama, Guatamala 16-Jul-18 shot

Yessika Ruedas Gómez Jalapa, Guatamala 28-Aug-18 stabbed

Débora Ramos Cordón Chiquimula, Guatamala 22-Sep-18 beaten


Tyty San Pedro Sula, Honduras 23-Jan-18 Unknown


Mohit New Delhi, India 17-Dec-17 beaten

Devudamma Surya Narayana Anakapalle, India 24-Dec-17 burned

V. Alphonze Madurai, India 10-Apr-18 stabbed

Chanchal Aashiana, India 22-Apr-18 shot

Manju Khajrana, India 7-May-18 stabbed

Chandraiah Hyderabad, India 26-May-18 beaten


Ximena Garcia Nemi, Italy 10-Mar-18 Unknown

Rafaella Rotocalco Rome, Italy 11-Sep-18 Unknown

Unknown Name San Giorgio, Italy 23-Sep-18 stabbed


Kendrika Itzel D Espino Chihuahua, Mexico 24-Nov-17 Unknown

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 30-Nov-17 Unknown, one of four cases on this date

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 30-Nov-17

Unknown, one of four cases on this date

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 30-Nov-17

Unknown, one of four cases on this date

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 30-Nov-17

Unknown, one of four cases on this date

Sandra Nuevo Leon, Mexico 30-Nov-17 beaten

Unknown Name Estado de Mexico, Mexico 7-Dec-17 stabbed

Geraldine Contreras Colima, Mexico 9-Dec-17


C.N. Guerrero, Mexico 17-Dec-17 shot

Canoa Fortaleza, Mexico 17-Dec-17 shot

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 31-Dec-17 tortured

G. Carrera Tamaulipas, Mexico 5-Jan-18 stabbed

Unknown Name Veracruz, Mexico 11-Jan-18 throat cut

Jessica González Veracruz, Mexico 11-Jan-18 Unknown

Paola Carranco Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico 26-Jan-18 shot

Brigith Quintara Roo, Mexico 27-Jan-18 shot

C. Antuan Guanajuato, Mexico 12-Feb-18 shot

Unknown Name Ciudad Victoria, Mexico 17-Feb-18 shot, one of three cases on this date

Unknown Name Ciudad Victoria, Mexico 17-Feb-18 shot, one of three cases on this date

Unknown Name Ciudad Victoria, Mexico 17-Feb-18 shot, one of three cases on this date

Samantha Guerrero, Mexico 6-Mar-18 Unknown

Unknown Name Sinaloa, Mexico 7-Mar-18


Sheila Nayarit, Mexico 15-Mar-18 shot

Charly Puebla, Mexico 22-Mar-18 decapitated/dismembered

Yoselyn Veracruz, Mexico 4-Apr-18 Unknown

Grechen Alina Lara García Nuevo Leon, Mexico 9-Apr-18 tortured and suffocated

Unknown Name Nuevo Leon, Mexico 17-Apr-18 Tortured and strangled

Brisa Veracruz, Mexico 22-Apr-18 shot

Unknown Name Puebla, Mexico 23-Apr-18 stabbed

A. Jalisco, Mexico 25-Apr-18 stoned

Unknown Name Guerrero, Mexico 27-Apr-18 shot

Unknown Name Nuevo Leon, Mexico 21-May-18 suffocated

Yamileth Quintero Sinaloa, Mexico 24-May-18 shot

Maritza Harrera Guerrero, Mexico 25-May-18 stabbed

S. Antolli Chiapas, Mexico 29-May-18 stabbed

J. Martínez Cepeda Coahuila, Mexico 10-Jun-18 asphyxiatied and hit by a rock

Unknown Name Michoacan, Mexico 14-Jun-18 shot

Unknown Name Colima, Mexico 16-Jun-18 Unknown

Nataly Briyith Sánchez Chiapas, Mexico 19-Jun-18 Unknown

Alexa GutiÈrrez Aguascalientes, Mexico 24-Jun-18 Unknown

Katy Morelos, Mexico 24-Jun-18 shot

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Chiapas, Mexico 30-Jun-18 Unknown, one of six cases on this date

Unknown Name Estado de Mexico, Mexico 10-Jul-18 Unknown

Chanel Estado de Mexico, Mexico 15-Jul-18 shot

L. M. Cocom Guzmán Yucatan, Mexico 15-Jul-18 strangled

Alexa Altamirano Martínez Guanajuato, Mexico 23-Jul-18 beaten

Alaska Contreras Ponce Veracruz, Mexico 26-Jul-18 tortured

Linda Estado de Mexico, Mexico 26-Jul-18 suffocated

Unknown Name Guanajuato, Mexico 5-Aug-18 shot

M.R.M. Quintana Roo, Mexico 6-Aug-18 shot

J. C. M. Oaxaca, Mexico 12-Aug-18 shot

Unknown Name Guerrero, Mexico 30-Aug-18 shot

Jhoana Hernández Veracruz, Mexico 1-Sep-18 stabbed

Ana Corina Burgos Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico 11-Sep-18 shot

Azuani Díaz García Chilapa, Mexico 22-Sep-18 shot

Dayana Letran Acayucan, Mexico 26-Sep-18 shot

Paulina Domínguez Hernández Cotzacoalco, Mexico 27-Sep-18 shot

New Zealand

Zena Campbell Wellington, New Zealand 11-Feb-18 strangled/hanged


Spogmai Peshawar, Pakistan 26-Nov-17 shot

Chutki Peshawar, Pakistan 27-Mar-18 shot

Sheena Swabi, Pakistan 22-Apr-18 shot

Muni Kotkay, Pakistan 4-May-18 shot

Sania Hafizabad, Pakistan 20-Jul-18 shot

Nasir Naso Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan 18-Aug-18 Aug-18

Unknown Name Sahiwal, Pakistan 6-Sep-18 burned


Ada Mía Naomi Gomez Rivas Piribebuy, Paraguay 27-Aug-18 stabbed

Nicol Ortellado Ferreira Puerto Oblidago, Paraguay 27-Sep-18 stabbed


J. E. Ruidíaz Fernández Lima, Peru 11-Feb-18 shot

Yamilet Iquitos, Peru 14-Mar-18 stabbed


Unknown Name Pasay City, Philippines 23-Jan-18 Unknown

South Africa

Ousi Kagiso Rustenburg, South Africa 6-Jan-18 strangled/hanged

Gugu Modise Ventersdorp, South Africa 1-Sep-18 stabbed


Eli Valladolid, Spain 22-Sep-18 beaten

Trinidad and Tobago

Keon Alister Patterson St. Clair, Trinidad and Tobago 5-Dec-17 Shot


I. Y. Zonguldak, Turkey 5-Dec-17 shot

Kader Ataman Ayvalik Sarimsakli, Turkey 13-Dec-17 shot

Kristina Beyoglu, Turkey 8-Mar-18 shot

Nefes Ankara, Turkey 10-Mar-18 strangled/hanged

Simge Avci Samsun, Turkey 13-Jul-18 shot

Begüm Bursa, Turkey 19-Aug-18 burned

Esra Ates Beyoglu, Turkey 25-Aug-18 stabbed

United Kingdom

Naomi Hersi London, United Kingdom 18-Mar-18 stabbed

United States of America

Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America 27-Nov-17 Shot to death

Brandi Seals Houston, Texas, United States of America 13-Dec-17 Shot

Zakaria “Z” Fry Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America Jan-18 Blunt force trauma

Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien North Adams, Massachusetts, United States of America 6-Jan-18 Stabbed and bludgeoned

Viccky Gutierrez Los Angeles, California, United States of America 10-Jan-18 Undetermined

Celine Walker Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America 4-Feb-18 Shot

Tonya Harvey Buffalo, New York, United States of America 6-Feb-18 Shot

Phylicia Mitchell Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America 23-Feb-18 Shot

Amia Tyrae Berryman Baton Rogue, Louisiana, United States of America 26-Mar-18 Shot to death

Sasha Wall Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 1-Apr-18 Shot to death

Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, United States of America Dallas, Texas 9-May-18 Strangled to death

Nino Fortson Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America 13-May-18 Shot multiple times

Gigi Pierce Portland, Oregon, United States of America 21-May-18 Shot

Antash’a Devine Sherrington English Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America 1-Jun-18 Shot

Diamond Stephens Meridian, Mississippi, United States of America 18-Jun-18 Shot

Cathalina Christina James Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America 24-Jun-18 Shot to death

Keisha “Pokey” Wells Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America 24-Jun-18 Shot and killed

Sasha Garden Orlando, Florida, United States of America 19-Jul-18 Undetermined

Dejanay Stanton Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 30-Aug-18 Shot to death

Vontashia Bell Shreveport, Louisiana, United States of America 30-Aug-18 Shot

Shantee Tucker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America 5-Sep-18 Shot

Londonn Moore Port Charlotte, Florida, United States of America 8-Sep-18 Shot

Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 3-Oct-18 Shot to death


Vicky Julieth Alvarado Moran, Venezuela 27-Jan-18 stabbed

Malvina Paiva Caracas, Venezuela 3-Mar-18 shot

China Colón Naguanagua, Venezuela 24-Apr-18 shot

Rosada Durán Romero Lara, Venezuela 17-May-18 shot

Carol Pérez Guerrero Bolivar, Venezuela 23-Sep-18 shot

What can you do about it? Start by being an ally, stop the trans jokes, avoid saying "your opinion" based on an experience that has nothing to do with yours. Don't judge, but rather support and fight for those who can't. In your small, if you hear/see anyone abusing report it to the police. We can do plenty to make next year list smaller, it starts with acknowledging and validating their existence. It start with us.

Lots of love,

Andy 💙

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