Hello gorgeous people, I want to start apologising for not being able to update regularly, so many things have happened! Life has been so kind lately, giving me all sorts of chances. The biggest ever is that I have been selected as a participant for DEBS (#Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme) with the multi-award winning director and performer #AlSeed as mentor! I am so delighted and excited I can’t wait to start! It means a lot to me at this point of my #performing career to get some sort of confirmations. When professionals start believing in you and in your ideals, when you see that at the end you might be very crazy but it’s actually an interesting crazy that even established #artistic organisations decide to trust and invest in you, yes, it’s a step forward.

I am also planning my talk-show with Radio Summerhall, it’s such an exciting team and I am really glad they got me on board! It will be broadcasted live on Facebook, so you an extra chance to see my hilarious face talking  sh*t (hopefully not :D)! Will tell you more as soon as it’s all set up!

I’ve met so many interesting people lately that are really proving that this world is such a cool and amazing place to live in, and I’m so so happy to be part of it, can’t believe I lived so many years in a total darkness of such outstanding side of humanity!

Honestly I never felt so much better in my whole short existence! I actually want to thank all my amazing #friends. So supportive and brave, thanks for all your love, thanks for being on my side! My true family 💙

I dedicate this post to you, I would have never been where I am now without all you incredible and unconditional love! Thanks from the deepest corner of my blue heart!

Lot’s of love 💙 Andy

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