Yup, that's me; nope its not fake! I actually did make it onto Vogue, well, the online version of their gallery, but it still counts no? For a best resolution, go and check my partner's portfolio on Vogue (https://www.vogue.it/photovogue/portfolio/?id=228895)

I mean, these are some of the fortunes of having an amazingly talented partner.

Speaking of which we are soon going to celebrate 11 months together! Our relationship is mature, and healthy and I guess being polyamorous helps us keeping the dialogue window always open. We actually had a chance to spend more time together during this lockdown season and it has been wonderful.

Finally managing to open up to someone, and almost building something that closely resemble the idea of family. I am very grateful to have him in my life, and I cherish every moment of it. Its not easy to be with someone as deeply scarred as I am, (e.g, survived a religious cult, hello everyone!).

Talking about family, the genetic relatives that still live in the world (aka my "parents" and "siblings") got in touch with me at the beginning of this pandemic (my "parents" even managed to get the police to my door, but that's too long to explain) guess to do what? PREACH, yup, they took the occasion to preach to me about the end of the world. Irony is, in those preachy emails (that went through the loops of spam emails, blocked accounts and filters -thanks Google for keeping me safe!) not even once they asked me how I was doing. LOL. I am not even mad at them, just sad that they are so brainwashed that they lack even the most common of senses.

You don't send a judgement day email to someone you haven't spoken to for like years.

I still hold the hope that one day they will open their eyes and really start questioning the cult that has been lying to them for so long, taking their money to pay for million of dollars of court cases, traumatising people into guilt and fear, to not talk about all the constant changes of theology to fit their agendas. How convenient! (If you are actually interested in seeing the level of corruption and denial https://www.jwfacts.com/)

Thankfully some governments are picking up on this and trying to limit the damage that this cult and those similar to it are causing to thousands of people, people like me!

But you know, you just carry on, trying to understand and be the most authentic version of yourself, being a kind, empathetic and respectful human being grateful for all the gifts that being alive gives you.

I have also left uni, cause OMG, that was another shitshow, like honestly PERFORMANCE ART is a bunch of white humans, with god complex. I am grateful tho for this experience cause it help me realise that I absolutely don't want anything to do with that label, and that I met a few friends through it (which they have also all left LOL).

I have however started another journey into the depths of Massage Therapy and Phytotherapy (which is basically the study of plants and their medicinal properties), I still remember 3 books that were in my childhood home about medical plants and I was so fascinated by them, with their green cover and elegant drawings.

I have also started making sculptures, inspired by the freaky Victorian aesthetics, and will soon post them.

What else, oh yeah, I'm soon going to be moving again (WHAT A CURSE!!) but this time I'll be living by my self in this gorgeous high ceiling industrial time building, it will require some work but its so spacious!

Hopefully Nocturnal will go back live once we'll move to a more eased lockdown and I will go back in being able to support and produce artists, another passion of mine.

Hope you are all surviving, thriving and caring for eachother.

Broken souls live forever ūüíô


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