Waving away.

The time has come, currently sitting on a hummus smelly train (which said hummus belongs to me), facing the wrong way. It almost feels like the countryside is engorging me with greed.

Just passing York, the empty seat next to me was for someone travelling here, yet I believe they preferred leaving it empty for me, not that I needed them next to me I mean, better, I can spread my stuff around conquering the row all to my self; but I can't avoid to wonder what happened? Maybe they couldn't be bothered to wake up and get on the train, maybe their cat died or maybe they just forgot. Anyways, I'm here, alive and kicking, dragging along a few continents and seas two extremely heavy luggages, not yet sure, but soon enough to make me question why I haven't just burnt all my possession and kept my passport only.

For those who haven't been informed yet, I'm moving to Melbourne. At least for a year, then who knows. Future in my life is highly unpredictable (as it should be I guess!)

- By the way, while writing this we left York already and someone's boarded the train, so now I'm nexted by a person too jolly and polite. "I'm sitting there, is that alright?" "Well, unless you want to stand darling" "No, I don't wish to stand" "Than, it's alright for you to sit" "Hahaha" Obviously I'm not laughing, I smile, a smile is enough -

It feels weird leaving another city again, but this time its the first time leaving as my true self.

Edinburgh took away lots, but gave me so much more. It ripped away a skin that didn't belong to me, as you would skin a rabbit and harshly burnt me with fire . It wasn't pleasant, it's not pleasant, but it worked; I've been rewarded for the pain, renewed, now able to fulfill my self, satisfied and flowing with peace and serenity; something that I never felt in my old skin. Happy, as much as content, satisfied, enriched, loved and powerful.

Edinburgh blessed me with beautiful friendships that I will treasure in my heart forever even if life took me on other track.

Edinburgh gave me love, a precious gift that I had the honor to hold in my hand, kiss and keep close to my heart where now a piece is missing and belongs to him.

More than ever Edinburgh is where I conquered my freedom, as in the old history books, this city will be forever marked with the liberty I gained at the, possibly, higher cost of exchange.

I could have stayed, but the collar started to feel tight, air missing, I needed a bigger, broader and wilder place to dwell for a while.

It was about time to move forward, and step into the new and unknown.

So here I am, still on a train towards adventures, chasing serendipity.

Thanks given to all those people that have been part of it, I shall remember and tell your tales.

With love,

hasta la vista baby.

Andy đź’™

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