We walk on roads that lead to nowhere.

Life progresses, and that’s the beauty we have to find in it. Coming from a extreme cult that hammers in your brain you were created for a purpose and then you are free from such indoctrination, you find yourself standing on a land you never walked before. When you realise that we did actually evolved, and life… life has no purpose, your brain goes POP! Give it time and then the sweet taste of a new, over-powerful freedom takes over. The best gift that science has given us was discovering that actually we are not special beings, that we are not the “chosen ones”, why is that a gift? Because we can finally stop this never ending quest to find a f*cking purpose and we start living our lives, making mistakes and owning them; not trapped in a crystal castle of beautiful delusions just to make your life apparently easier. You are on this world, now, get awareness of your body of your existence and move forward. Constantly chasing shadows doesn’t work, yes, we might be walking on roads that actually lead to nowhere. Since when though was about the destination? Live your identity, your ideals, help building a better and inclusive society that allows people to walk their own roads in safety. There you go, this could be your life meaning if you really need one.

I still remember when I had the rare occasion to speak with a “flat-earth” advocate (Yep, its real, as also is real that people believe in a sky wizard that kills kids and transforms them in angels, or that wants you to die refusing a blood transfusion) he went on and on, and I’m no scientist but he had a rebuttal for all the points that I made, till the moment that I looked at him and said:

“Look, it seems like I can’t prove you that the earth is not a flat disk rolling in the deep. I never been to space, and most likely I never will. Let’s say the earth IS flat, what will that mean for me? How is my life actually going to be impacted by it?”

“Well, there’s lots of money being invested in research by NASA, money that we could avoid spending for these useless research, and also its about the truth”

“The truth? The truth is that there are gay people currently being persecuted and put in extermination camps in Russia, yeah those that Hitler patented. The truth is that governments misplaces your taxes for their personal gain, and I wished they would give more to science. The truth is that you are spending lots of energy fighting against something that will never affect your life. That’s your choice, cool, I rather spend my time trying to improve society and make life better for the community around me. Even if we roll on a planet, a disk or a cube.”

He then said to me that this crusade was his way of investing his energies and what he felt his life should be based on it, I didn’t judge him, after all I spent 27 years trying to convince people into becoming a puppet of a corporation and give away their mental capabilities in exchange for conditional love. We exchanged a smile and he left.

We are part of a society that still has f*cked up values, where women get paid less, that you can still be killed if you have a same-sex relationship, that buying Mc Donalds its cheaper than getting a salad; but we are working on it. We are building our future and we can only do it if we take the stick out of our arses pretending we are special and accepting the fact that we are nothing and yet we can still live a great life, full of experiences, success and fulfillment You don’t need a purpose to be alive, what you need is your identity, your dreams and your goals. What you need is that you use your hands if you have them, or anything, to keep on walking, to keep on trying and experiencing and hopefully on the road you’ll meet someone else, you’ll build a city with this people and when old you’ll just look outside the window and realise that you never reached a destination, but you built a city instead.

We walk on roads that lead to nowhere, yet, who said we had to be somewhere, anyways?

Lots of love 💙,


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